nice to meet you!
Hey there! My name is Marina and I am a certified personal trainer. I live on the North Shore of Massachusetts with my FOUR wild and adorable kids, my amazing husband and an obnoxious howling beagle. I absolutely love family time, keeping up with traditions, spending summers at the beach and eating donuts.

Before I paint too perfect of a picture, I should let you know that my goal and purpose in life is to shatter that image of perfection.  I like to keep it real so all of the other Mamas out there struggling with what they think they should be doing or what they think their life should look like, can realize they aren't alone.

There is nothing I love more than motivating women to become stronger and healthier!  My background includes gymnastics, dancing, Acrobatics & Tumbling and CrossFit, so I am always finding ways to make fitness fun and challenging at the same time.

We can feel stronger, healthier and more energized without hitting the gym 7 days a week.  I will take you through quick and effective classes, while providing options for ALL fitness levels. Working out doesn't need to be tedious and boring. I'm here to MOTIVATE you Mama, and push you a little harder to get stronger with every class.  
Can't wait to meet you!